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A Not-So-Funny Future

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This funny clip is oddly chilling. I remembered first watching it back in 1983 on my big new television that I had bought with my writing income (hey, as a teenager, consumer electronics purchases were a great pleasure!) It featured the ingenious Richard Pryor and Robin Williams in a very informal appearance at The Comedy Store:

These two men are both gone now, of course, both having died before they even passed the traditional retirement age of 65. Pryor, who had contracted M.S., died of a heart attack, and Williams by his own hand, dangling from a doorframe in his own house.

Watch the clip for the laughs (and the audience shots, since a lot of famous folks are there) but realize how unexpected and surprising the future always turns out to be.

Nightmare Time!

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I made a point staying up late last night so we could do a new release with a bunch of improvements, including one about which I wrote a specific post. Well, in spite of that, all the comments were just bits and pieces having nothing to do with my spiffy new features. All right, fine. Since content doesn’t matter, here’s a video clip of what I consider a personal hell: living in a nursing home overrun with Christian clowns. How d’ya like that?