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I Made Gilbert Laugh

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As I mentioned off-handedly a few days ago, I was listening (as I always do) to Gilbert Gottfried’s Amazing Colossal Podcast, and I just about ran off the road when I heard them mention my name. See, I had whipped up a simple drinking game based on their show and tweeted  it to them. It was such a throwaway, I didnt’ even save it. But they mentioned it on a preview, and yesterday when the full show was released, they spent several minutes talking and laughing about it and declared it the best tweet. So the fact I made Gilbert and Frank laugh loudly made my day.

It’s behind a paywall, so I can’t share it, but here’s what I saw this morning:

Oh, and here’s Billy Barty, just for the hell of it. Thanks, Gilly!

Time to Buy Everything

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Let’s be reasonable. When faced with the choice of either:

(a) being part of the crowd, enjoying life, and participating happily in the social norm……..


(b) sitting in a corner talking to yourself about what’s wrong with the world………..

What would YOU rather be doing? Those who know me can already guess my answer. Tim “devil-may-care, man-about-time, bon-vivant” would absolutely be in group (a), which this fine young scholar illustrates is the superior choice:


California Wingnuts

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About a week ago, tens of millions of thick printed election information guides were mailed to every household in California, including mine. I have no idea what it costs the state to create this thing, but I suspect something approaching a hundred million dollars. The purpose of these things is, ostensibly, for people to carefully study the propositions on the June ballot as well as the candidates for the various government posts (Federal Senator, California Governor, Treasurer, and so forth).

California is a famously progressive state, but thumbing through this book, I am always struck by some of the – – shall we say – – more fringe candidate that somehow have made their way into this publicly-funded publication. Here are a few………..

We begin with Jerry Laws, whose entire platform and campaign for the Senate can be expressed in merely a single word: (more…)