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Memorial ETFs: Tech & Metal

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Preface to all ETF posts this weekend: This is not a normal holiday weekend. Supposedly, when we return to the trading world Tuesday, there will be some resolution (or more chaos) regarding the debt ceiling. In the meanwhile, I have gathered together different families of ETFs for review, and I have stated my remarks in the caption area below each.

I would also like to note that, as a special this holiday weekend, I am giving away my Joy of Charting book, which I will ship to you free of charge for signing up at ANY subscription level. Just drop me a line when you subscribe to tell me where to send it. As an added bonus, I’ll also provide a copy of my Solid State audiobook for your listening pleasure, free of charge!

That red resistance line has continued to do a rock-solid job of hemming in gold’s advance.


Gold Miners on Schedule

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Gold miners continue to correct per projections as GDX drops toward a buy zone

The gold and silver Commitments of Traders, as tracked each week in NFTRH leading into the correction, indicated a potential for a coming decline in gold, silver and the gold miners. A correction, not the end of the bull phase by this sentiment measure. CoT was overdone, but not extreme to a bull killer degree.

This as the macro fundamentals had been positive since late 2022 and gold miners’ technical situation bullish, but in doubt as to the ability to continue upward in the near-term.