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Boomerangs and Greased Logs

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Have you ever tried to climb on top of a log that’s floating in the water?

I have. I don’t remember the circumstance. Maybe it was some Scout Camp thing. All I remember is that it was really, really tough. The log was typically much larger than the one pictured below, and as such, it was extremely tough to climb on top of it, because naturally when you reached up and tried to hoist yourself, the damned thing would just spin on its axis.


Apple Wearables

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Many years ago, when I worked at Apple (late 1980s), the CEO John Sculley spoke about how one day computers would be “sewn into your clothes.” No one really knew what he was talking about – – – and I’m not so sure he did either – – but he wasn’t too far off the mark. The revenue just from Apple’s “wearable” products would, on its own, make a fairly significant public company.

Infographic: Apple's Supporting Cast Is Ready for Primetime | Statista

Sunday Funnies

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During my “rat-killing” on Saturday, I stumbled upon a large metal chest in the garage filled with old photos, keepsakes, love letters, and clippings. One item was something I had totally forgotten – – back in the 1980s, I actually found myself rendered in the newspaper’s Sunday comics. They got my town wrong (I never lived in Sacramento), but, yeah, this is pretty much me as a kid otherwise: