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Parental Perspective

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You’ve almost certainly been reading about the college cheating scandal, which broke yesterday. This is an intensely personal story for me for a variety of reasons:

  • My eldest child completed the college application process this year;
  • I live in the Silicon Valley, where get-ahead-at-any-cost is the mantra of so many parents;
  • There are local parents who were arrested in the scandal;
  • My values are absolutely anchored in meritocracy

Let me say at the outset how thrilled and delighted I am to see a government agency actually accomplish something. The fact that these rich, out-of-touch, self-entitleddimwits have had their lives instantly ruined thrills my soul. What I would have given to have seen the look on Felicity Huffman’s withered face when they slapped the cuffs on her. Boy, oh boy. To say nothing of her husband, William H. Macy, an actor I used to respect.


Scandal Push

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Hey there, folks. Two non-trade-ish things to talk about.

First, my sincere apologies, but I decided to ditch the “push notifications” product I was using (since it was garbage) and switch to something better. I was impressed at how many of you opted in to the notifications, and I seriously apologize to make you click again, but please do so. I think the experience of being “pushed” at will be better for everyone now. (It’ll basically give you a heads-up when there’s a new post).


Ten. Long. Years.

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One decade. One decade has now elapsed between the fabled 666 bottom and now. Think about the world in March 2009. Obama was still finding his way around the White House. Facebook was a private company. Netflix was five bucks a share. And ZeroHedge was just a few weeks old.

And as a surprise to those who might consider me a die-hard permabear, I offer a post from that very day, March 6th, 2009, entitled Tim-Bull – –

This is not to say I’ve gone “all long”. I have, spread out among my accounts, 176 positions. 64 are long, 72 are short, and 40 are options (all of them puts). So on a position-count basis, I am more bear than bull. But on a cash┬ábasis, I’m more bull than bear, particularly since some of my long positions are well into the six figures.

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