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Imagine the following scene.

You are walking on a street, toward the crest of a hill. You can hear the crackling of flames, and you can see the orange glow in the sky as cinders spiral slowly down from above you. Upon reaching the crest, you can see an entire neighborhood engulfed in a conflagration.

And there I am with a hose, pointed right at the center of the flames.

You assume, incorrectly, that I am dousing the flames with a powerful stream of water. You soon discover that the liquid shooting out of my hose is, in fact, gasoline, and I am doing my best to point the hose where I think the gas will be most effective.

“What the hell are you doing?”


The Last Bus

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Now that I’m back from my travels, I wanted to share an anecdote which I think bears a message about the future.

As almost all of you know, when you fly out of an airport, you’ve got at least a couple of parking options for your car: you can pay a high price for short-term parking, which is close and convenient, or pay a cheaper price for long-term parking, which involves some travel, since it’s well away from the airport. The prices for parking, and the distance of the long-term lot, depend on how big the airport is.

At the San Francisco airport, a day in the long-term parking lot costs $24, while the short-term lot is twice that much. So if you leave for 10 days, you probably don’t want to spend $480 to park your car, so off to the long-term lot you go.

For decades, the way to get back and forth between the long-term lot and the terminal was via a bunch of blue buses like the one pictured below. There were a whole series of these things, each driven by a bus driver, and I always felt pretty sorry for that. After all, driving the same one mile route hour after hour, day after day, week after week, and month after month isn’t exactly nourishing for the soul. But they did it, and that was their livelihood.


They Rang the Bell Loudly

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There’s nothing easier than hindsight. Yet hindsight – – even that which gazes upon only a few weeks past – – can be instructive. Let us examine the wipeout which has taken place in the entire crypto space over the past month by simply examining some of the breathless coverage that was going on near the top.

We need not look far. Examine this headline from no less a source than NASDAQ, which proclaims, on the heels of Bitcoin’s ascendency to $64,000, that the top may be “nowhere near”. It will come as absolutely no surprise to you that this was published roughly to the millisecond that the top itself was hammered out.


Cancel Me

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Having witnessed this jaw-dropping clip, I feel compelled to say the following:

My name is Timothy Knight. As you might guess from my surname, my ancestry is English. For all practical purposes, I have 100% British blood in my veins.

I am a white, cisgender, heteronormative male. I married a woman my own age, and I loved her from the moment I saw her when we were just kids. Now we have children of our own, who themselves are cisgender, heteronormative, and in all respects thriving and successful. I have never been separated or divorced, nor has any member of my entire extended family for as far back as records exist.

I eat meat of all kinds. I have a particular fondness for the visceral pleasure of eating pork ribs. I have three dogs, and I happily give them bones from the meat I’ve eaten for them to crunch. I also have chickens and eat their eggs daily, although I treat the chickens themselves very kindly.

I live in the suburbs in a large, expensive house. I am in the 1%, although I love working and will do so until I die. I was raised a Christian and went to a Jesuit institute of higher learning. I enjoy offensive humor, although my adoration of it is not based on its offensiveness. I do not hesitate to tell jokes that would be upsetting to some people. I have a wicked sense of humor, and I understand humor is anchored in pain.

And although my politics would be considered left wing compared to some others on my website (yes, I own my own business, which is one in a series I have through my life), my reaction to the entire “woke” movement consists mostly of my stomach doing somersaults. I find hearing about the sexual preferences, urges, and frustrations of others to be tedious, as it is none of my business or concern. I would also say incidentally that a sibling of mine is gay, and when she told this Louisiana-born cracker her truth when I was a little boy, I instantly understood and had zero negative reaction, because I know we are all God’s creatures, and love is always a good thing.

Having said all this, I think it’s time to cancel me. Surely no one should be less welcome in this world.