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Wild Ride Recap

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Good grief! Here’s what we’ve seen over twenty-four hours, reading from left to right:

  • Red arrow: Burn off yesterday afternoon for no particular reason;
  • Blue arrow: Slow climb-back based on China optimism;
  • Red arrow: Explosive mover higher from PPI report;
  • Blue arrow: Slow burn-of for no particular reason;
  • Red arrow: Collapse due to Polish missile strikes;
  • Blue arrow: The missiles don’t mean crap recovery rally

And the day isn’t even over yet!

Emotional Damage (by DoubleNaughtSPY)

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The bears endured another day of emotional damage. The huge move up in the markets on Thursday, November 10, 2022, signals something we should all recognize about current market psychology. That “something” should be heartening for any bears left standing. What is that something? Fear. Now, understand that there are different types of fear when we are talking about market psychology. The explosive move to the upside of the markets to “less bad” CPI numbers indicates fear of missing out (FOMO). This is a useful bit of knowledge. It has been said that “wisdom is knowledge, rightly applied” so let’s see what we can do to make a difference next time.