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Life Crushed Flat

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Boredom. I’ve written about it many times. I invariably describe it as more terrifying to me than death. I’m not exaggerating. The prospect of having nothing to do is miserable beyond belief to me. I do not idle well. I’m not going to relax. I don’t want to relax. I want to make things. And when I can’t make things, I lose my mind. Trust me, I’ve been losing my mind severely lately, and my grappling with the boredom demons has never been worse.

Of course, I don’t just roll around on the floor shrieking when I am in this state. I desperately try to find something productive or constructive to do. But sometimes there’s just nothing left, and I have to get creative. After all, one can sort the proverbial sock drawer only so many times. So I did something I hadn’t ever done before: I opened up my huge trunk of memories, and I sorted through it.


HGNSI Joins Progression of Gloom in Gold

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Hulbert’s HGNSI joins other sentiment-based positive indicators for Gold

Just as ole’ Jim Cramer above signaled an imminent short-term rally recently in the stock market, bleak views coming out of the gold bug “community” are reliable contrary indicators. The Hulbert Gold  Newsletter Sentiment Index (HGNSI)  is out and it is fully bullish on a contrary basis as it shows gold newsletter writers in full retreat.

But first…

We have noted that Gold’s CoT has been improving (CotBase)…

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