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Financials: You Are Here

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For the entirety of 2018, I have been obsessed with the analog between the present year and a decade ago. This has been unfolding absolutely beautifully, and one of the reasons I love this market (four words I haven’t been able to say in a very long time) is how chart-friendly it is and how magnificently the financial stocks are breaking down. I suspect we have a long, long way to enjoy this calamity.

The analog abides

Financial Failure

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I am having, as you might guess, a good morning thus far. I wanted to note that, regarding financials:

  1. I sold half my XLF puts this morning for a 70% profit. I absolutely intend to double this position later when I think it is appropriate;
  2. I covered my XLF short and a smattering of financial stocks.
  3. I am selectively covering issues here and there, but intend to remain well over 100% committed. Just not as much as before.

The financials have made an important price gap down. The next task is to break October support. Good luck, Slopers.

Sector Shorts: Banking

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Preface to all sector posts: I’m not going to dance around it: I am very short again. I have 99 different short positions and am aggressively positioned for the week ahead. I have gone through all my charts and have broken a portion of them into distinct sectors. Here is the next gallery, and as always, you can click on any thumbnail for a larger image. You can scroll left and right through the gallery.

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