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Seeing the Components

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To my way of thinking, there are three kinds of people in the world:

  1. SlopeCharts users;
  2. Recalcitrant infidels who insist on using inferior charting platforms;
  3. Those gentle souls who simply need a light to see their way to SlopeCharts

It is this third group I am particularly addressing with this post, since there are so many features in the product, it’s easy to lose sight of all there is to use and enjoy.

Today I am having an exceptionally good day with my Dow Utility put options. It occurred to me that I wasn’t acquainted with the 15 component stocks of the Utilities, and I was curious to see the stocks which comprised the index itself. SlopeCharts easily solves this problem like so: (more…)

SlopeCharts Now Has Events

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SlopeCharts can display for you three distinct time-based events on top of the price chart itself. Pressing Ctrl-E on the keyboard will toggle the display of these events on and off, and by pointing to any of the letters signifying the event you can get more details on that specific instance.

The three events displayed are as follows:

Earnings, designated by the letter “E”, which typically are announcements that happen once per quarter for any public company. Moving over the “E” shows you the date of the earnings announcement and whether or not the news was came before or after normal trading hours. (more…)


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There’s a bit of a running gag between me and my Tastytrade viewers, because at least once a week I’ll mention a stock in which I have a position and that “I have no idea what they do.” Even, as a chart purist, I don’t care what any company does, folks will always write me and tell me specifically what a given organization does.

Well, we’ve made a bit of an improvement in the SlopeCharts summary page, which used to look like this:


Video Killed the Radio Star

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Because I am the World’s Least-Exciting Person, I spent the entire weekend updating and polishing up the tutorial videos for SlopeCharts. If you have even the faintest interest in this fantastic charting platform, I urge you to check out this page. Just point to any of the (all identical) images to see the subject matter covered. The videos are short, educational, and feature the mellifluous sound of my voice.

Auld Lang Sinewave

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I’m totally nerding out this weekend on Slope, polishing up the site, adding videos – – the whole Labor Day schtick. In a way, I am re-discovering some of the cool stuff about my little creation. For example, I was just doing a video on the Future Trend feature, and I was quite surprised to see the fascinating sine wave projected for oil. If this is anything close to what’s going to happen, it could mean all kinds of interesting setups! I’m quite short energy stocks now, so I’m particularly pleased.

Arcs and Recreation

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I am pleased to let you know of another improvement to SlopeCharts: arcs.

Rounded tops and rounded bottoms are very important basic instances in the world of charting. Intel, for example, shown below, has a very well-formed saucer pattern, but until now, it wasn’t really possible to highlight in SlopeCharts. You could use the rectangle highlight tool, perhaps, but that’s not really the right shape, or you could, as I did, just drawn some carefully-placed trendlines: