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Importing the Drawings of Others

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A few days ago, a Sloper – – a Gold member, in fact – – wrote to me about the Publish/Subscribe feature. He asked if, when he imported symbols from one of my published watchlists into his watchlists, whether or not he could also get the drawn objects I had applied on top of my charts. I told him no and said that was “for a lot of reasons.”

But after I sent the email and considered what the reasons would be……….I realized there weren’t any. In fact, the only “reason” was that the feature didn’t exist. Thus, as I always do, I set about to create it.

The initial part works like it always did. First, you subscribe to any watch lists that others have published:


Stretch Those Charts!

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Yesterday I did a post about the new Polygon Tool in SlopeCharts. We’ve also added a cool feature that requires a little explanation.

I created a lot of never-done-before innovations in charting with JavaCharts and ProphetCharts, many of which are industry standards today. One of them was the notion of providing extra space on the right side of the chart, so you could have the opportunity to peer into the future with price projections. I find the ability to look into the future (even without the benefit of price bars) to be crucial when drawing objects and trying to contemplate price projections.

I included feature this with SlopeCharts, but until today it was always a fixed amount of time. We’ve now given you the ability to “stretch” the x-axis to give yourself more of the future. You just point to the x-axis scale and drag the mouse to the right. The silent video below shows how this works.

Indexes and the Willliams %R

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Even though I’ve given SlopeCharts a nice suite of technical indicators, I hardly ever use them. I often mention that I don’t really use indicators much, almost to the point of being strident about it.

I must say, however, that having gone through the cash indexes with the %R indicator today, I’m pretty impressed, and it just adds to the body of evidence that I think it’s bounce time (I sure hope so!) Keep in mind that you can move the horizontal line dividing the price from the technical indicator pane, allowing you to make the indicator taller, as I have done below. So here we are:


DATS a New Interface!

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As any unfortunate soul who has ever lived with me can attest, I am a neat freak. I like things orderly. If you have some books out and head to the bathroom, the books will probably be gone when you return. It’s just how I am. Terribly sorry. Those books weren’t being used.

This works out better for product development, however, because I am ceaselessly trying to bring order to places where chaos abides. With SlopeCharts, I was increasingly bothered that as we kept adding features, the menus got more and more cluttered. I feared that our marvelous feature set would get buried under all the clutter.

Thus, this weekend, we totally reworked how the menus were organized. I am much happier now with what I call our DATS setup: that is, Display, Analysis, Tools, and Social. (more…)