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A Short History Of Market Crashes

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My last few posts have been a coronavirus COVID-19 series, so I’m putting in the links here so as to refer back to them easily for now. These are the seven posts so far.

18th February – Peering Through The Fog Around Coronavirus COVID-19

24th February – Some Genuine Coronavirus Numbers Coming Through

28th February – Falling Down The Steps

9th March – A Tale Of Two Cities

12th March – Sudden Death

16th March – Pinball Markets

20th March – A Short History of Superflu Pandemics


Head and Shoulders Above the Rest

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First off, in case any of you are waiting for some kind of “sale” or coupon on a premium membership, just let it go. It won’t be happening. Slope is incredibly cheap considering what you get. So if you’re on the fence, but waiting, hoping for some kind of plea from me, it isn’t forthcoming. Just dive in. Here are the choices. You’ll be in excellent company. I’ve never had such a flood of signups.

The huge winner today, of course, was AOBC. It got slaughtered like 35%, and I got the hell out. It was a beautiful head and shoulders that took way too long to transpire, but transpire it did.


Falling Down The Steps

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Well it has definitely been a week to remember, with the coronavirus outbreak taking position front and centre. I was expecting a strong reaction as and when this penny finally dropped, though not this fast I have to say. Let’s review the bigger picture on SPX first.

On the bigger picture I was noting (notes on the chart) at the start of February the stats after the relatively small decline that we had just seen, and we saw the 20% odds reversal candle that sometimes follows such a decline. At that point there were even odds of resuming either the weekly upper band ride or the decline, and SPX has taken the second option, and is now (overnight) below the lower target at the weekly lower band in the 2950 area.


Some Genuine Coronavirus Numbers Coming Through

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Note from Tim: I’ve put together what I consider a fairly important and, hopefully, useful market update video for Gold and Diamond members which you can get to here. In fact, I consider it one of the most important market updates I’ve ever done.

I’d like to take this opportunity to encourage those of you not at this level to give one of these premium services a try. You can cancel at any time if you find it isn’t making a positive difference for you. Please click here to examine the benefits and to consider signing up. Now, back to Springheel…………

Following on from my post last week about the coronavirus COVID-19 here, we are now seeing some genuine coronavirus numbers coming through, and the numbers at the weekend weren’t great so equity markets are down this morning in response. How bad was the news? Here are this morning’s numbers:


The January Barometer

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When I looked a few weeks ago at the stat for the first five days of the year I found that the correlation with the yearly close there was essentially random, so I was wondering when I had a look at the full January Barometer stat whether I would find the same but was pleasantly surprised when I did not.

The numbers I was looking were from 1950 to the present, so that’s a good statistical sample, and in that time 72.86% of years closed green, and 27.14% of years closed red, with 61.43% of Januaries closing green in that time and 38.57% of them closing red.

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