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Weekend ETF Overview

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Let’s take a look this weekend at some of the major ETFs and what they might be suggesting for the weeks ahead. I’m doing these in alphabetical order.

We begin with the triple-bullish-on-real-estate fund DRN, which has been on a tear for months. (Its less volatile brother, IYR, has been acting the same). This is kind of a fascinating chart, because it is precisely at the apex of its symmetric triangle. Of course, that doesn’t mean it tumbles into oblivion on Monday’s opening bell, but I would at least like you to note this “juncture”:


Make ALL Markets Like This

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One of the few broad charts that has been in a clear, defiant, screw-the-bulls downtrend has been emerging markets. Every attempt to artificially prop it higher has been smacked across the skull with a sledgehammer, and even yesterday’s ill-fated attempt to fake out the public has yielded nothing more than an island reversal pattern. If only everything else could look like this. Seeing the NASDAQ wiped out over the next five years would sure put a smile on my sour face, plus it would lighten up traffic where I live.