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Put Yourself On Notice

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Just a friendly tip – please be sure your Notifications are set the way you want. A Sloper wrote me (a PLUS member, actually, which is even a more advanced form of the species) wondering why he wasn’t getting notified when new posts were put up. He checked his notifications and, voila, found out they were turned off. So click here to double-check that your custom settings are to your liking.


How Far Will the Bonds Fall?

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Considering how much unintentional excitement I’ve had over the past 72 hours, I’m glad it’s a boring market day. Indeed, it’s like watching paint dry. “Old faithful”, the emerging market bonds fund, is down, even on a day like this. It seems ambitious, but I’ve laid down a target low for this pattern. It’s been rather breathtaking how reliable this short position has proved itself for months now.