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EWY South Korea ETF, Proxy for Global Tech, Probing Key Support

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Many Street analysts consider the iShares South Korea ETF (EWY) as a proxy for the health of global technology, the semiconductor sector, the chip sector, and perhaps the retail electronics sector as well.

One look at my weekly chart of EWY shows that it has been in the grasp of a major correction or possibly even bear phase since its January all-time high at 79.07 into Tuesday’s low at 56.34, a near 30% decline.  This decline has retraced two-thirds of of the entire prior advance from the August 2015 low at 42.94 to the January 2018 high at 79.07. One could think that the ugly EWY performance reflected deteriorating relations with North Korea, but, ironically, relations have not been so promising since 1950! (more…)

TLT-ing Lower

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Unrelated to anything else I’m about to say: the two biggest cultural influences of my life are (a) Star Trek, the original series and (b) Monty Python’s Flying Circus. I mention this because Netflix now has just about everything related to Monty Python you can imagine, including a wonderful documentary I’m watching now called Almost the Truth. If you are a MPFC fan and have Netflix, I encourage you to check it out.

On less funny subjects……..I am very pleased at how bonds are continuing to breakdown. It is precisely what I hoped would happen.


That He Which Hath No Stomach to this Fight

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I was debating with myself whether to send this post only to my Gold and Diamond members (whose numbers are now legion………..) or to the entire mass of Slopers. I was compelled to just throw open the kimono, since even at this moment the last post has hundreds of comments, and since this is the last post of the day, I don’t want you poor souls to have 500 comments on a post……… – – even though our awesome Premium members keep this place open – – I’m going to just do a general distribution on this one.

I also want to thank those of you who are pests. I mean that in the most loving way possible. Some folks write me and ask me for THIS and ask me for THAT. But, see, I really like making products, and I like making them better, so I really appreciate when you folks tap me on the shoulder and ask me for something, because I’m the sort who will get kind of obsessed with finding whatever it is you’re asking for. It makes Slope better for everyone. So – – be a pest!

Anyway, on to the charts. These are all ETFs, and they all have the same message: it is time for the bears to rise again! We begin with the Industrial symbol XLI, which has broken its long term trend from 2009: