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A Fraction of a Year

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Although we here at Slope have labored for years to quell the fighting that can take place when it comes to politics, it is inevitable that there’s going to be plenty of debate as we get closer and closer to November 5th. I just wanted to share this poll of who would win the election if it were held today.

A few remarkable tidbits:

  • Trump is winning by a wide margin now;
  • DeSantis has gone from the slam-dunk winner to inconsequential;
  • The third place spot, behind Trump and Biden, is none other than pretty-boy Gavin Newsom, who isn’t even in the race!!

Porking Out

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Normally I don’t bother with the topic of so-called progressive politics, particularly as they relate to the closest big city in my area (San Francisco), but I read something so irksome I’ve just got to share it. It is a piece called The Dream Keeper which outlines in nauseating detail how the morons and thieves in charge of the fair city of San Francisco usurped $120 million in police funds into a variety of virtue-signaling garbage grift schemes. The entire impetus for doing so was immediately following the Floyd, umm, “murder“, which is an event that I sincerely believe impacted the nation negatively to the tune of trillions, yes, trillions, of dollars in societal harm.

These days, my own blend of politics are kind of homeless (although there are flickers of hope, as I’ve mentioned), but, honestly, reading this kind of article (which I encourage you to do as well) makes me wince. Since the article is excellent, I won’t butcher it with a summary, but allow me to pluck out some of the absolute nonsensical drivel that’s foisted upon us normal, non-insane people by the kinds of wingnuts that are involved in these kinds of government scams. Brace yourself…………


George Carlin Nails Senator Menendez

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When I first heard about the criminal acts of Senator Menendez and his gross second wife, I instantly thought of our patron saint George Carlin. Decades ago, he did a brilliant (of course) talk about the language of politics. This entire clip is genius, but if you have very little time, you can jump to 5:45 to get a sneak preview as to precisely what Menendez is going to claim as the weeks go on. Enjoy!