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Comedy Gold

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I want to state at the outset that this is not a political post. It may be accidentally taken as one, since it basically points and laughs at Jacob Wohl, who is a well-known Trump-loving lunatic. My impression, however, is that 95% of the people who know about him, irrespective of politics, consider this kid (now facing felony securities fraud charges) to be a laughable oaf, so I don’t think I’m treading into dangerous territory here.

I was prompted to do this post because of the “press conference” Wohl decided to throw with his co-lunatic Jack Burkman. These guys have done these sorts of things before. There was the one with Robert Mueller committing sexual assault. And the other about “Mayor Pete” Buttigieg sexually assaulting another guy. The list goes on. Every single one has been a farcical shitshow.


Modern Monetary Theory

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In the book Modern Money Theory by L. Randall Wray, the author declares of MMT (that is, Modern Monetary Theory) that it will go through three phases of public opinion.

First, it will be ridiculed. Second, it will be violently opposed. Third, and finally, it will be accepted as self-evident. I’m not sure if it will play out that way, but I’m here for offer an essay which is probably straddling the first and second phases.

Interestingly, this prediction was word for word what a certain Elizabeth Holmes declared in this video when she was making her final, desperate bid to save Theranos from its inevitable failure.

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