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Twenty-Six Twice

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Although I’ve mentioned 2600 many times, I hope the asterisk I kept declaring was also heard. Specifically, that the mere crossing of 2600 to the upside does not mean we all throw up our hands and give up. I think a figure of 2626 is a little more on-the-mark, and even then there’s wiggle room. Of course, we can’t keep “wiggling” to 3,000, so I’ll put a stake in the ground and say 2626 has more meaning than 2600 did. Please take note of my updated chart below, particularly the “You Are HERE” arrows.

The Joy of Being Overpaid

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Throughout my life, there’s typically been one person who decides how much I get paid; me. Since so much of that time has been involved in starting up a small business, oftentimes my salary – – if you want to call it that – – was just minuscule.

I remember quite well in 1993 that I was only able to pay myself $1,000 per month. Let’s just say that was a challenging time.


Apple Channel

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I wanted to show a chart within a chart which is quite interesting: below is the long-term ascending channel of Apple. Present price levels would suggest it is a relatively bargain. However, take a good look at the inset, which represents the price action of the tinted zone. See how it was repelled at its price gap? (This is the price gap created by Tim Cook’s warning about their forthcoming earnings). Simply stated, if AAPL breaks this channel, it’s a whole new ball game for the former trillion dollar company.

Ray Dalio’s Latest

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A few days ago, I happened to discover that Ray Dalio, the famed money manager from Bridgewater, had come out with a new three-volume set called Big Debt Crises. I realize this isn’t the kind of thing that would grab most people’s attention, but honestly, it’s fascinating. It is packed with hundreds of historical charts and dozens of examples from other centuries and other countries where economic mayhem took hold. Since I believe the entire globe is heading toward something catastrophic……….forewarned is forearmed. I would urge you to consider getting this book. It’s one click away.

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