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Bully Boys

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I spent Friday evening thumbing through the index charts, and I’m afraid I will offer the same overall conclusion I had a couple of weeks ago: specifically, that the markets were poised to blast off. Mercifully for the one or two bears left on the planet, the last time I speculated about this possibility, Turkey, and then China, shook things up. However, this brief resurgence of trade war fears was swiftly abated, and most index stand, once again, at the doorstep of yet another big push higher.

Looking first at the Major Market Index, it has the same characteristics as everything else I am seeing: (a) higher lows; (b) selloffs that are increasingly shallow; (c) a well-formed base. This index is a bit different than most since it is so much lower than its own lifetime highs, but the base is potent nonetheless.


To Err Is Human

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I finally finished my final run-through of the last book I ever plan to write. Even though I had a bunch of Slopers do copyediting, and they found hundreds of errors – – I still managed to find another fifty that all of them missed! And, I’m quite sure, there are still errors lingering, but I think it’s just about as good as I can get it for now. I’m sick of this damned thing! Anyway………it’s coming soon.