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Let Justice Be Done

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As if the year wasn’t already going great for me – – as if I weren’t having great profits trading – – as if Slope wasn’t gathering subscribers so fast, it might as well go public – – THIS hits the wire:

Knowing that these amoral blood-sucking leeches – – Adam Neumann and his hideous, long-faced wife, Rebekkkkkkkkah, aren’t going to get to seize billions of dollars of ill-gotten cash, makes me drop to my knees and thank Jesus Christ almighty. I am absolutely thrilled that these selfish, soulless vermin are getting the shaft. Absolutely despicable sub-humans. I hope the bad news continues to rain down on their revolting heads, in the form of lawsuits, criminal proceedings, and other mayhem from heaven. Amen. Not since Elizabeth Holmes have I been this pleased.


Why Bother?

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Given the example that D.C. is setting for us all, I think the public will start to have some legitimate questions.

  • If a huge, rich company like Cheesecake Factory can blow off all their rent payments, why should I pay my rent?
  • If the government can just send us free money out of thin air, why should I bother going to work?
  • If the Federal Reserve can create as many trillions of dollars they want out of thin air, why should any of us pay taxes?

I’ve got to confess, I feel like a real idiot that I’m going to be making my mortgage payment on time, just like I always do. But the fact is I’ve got a credit score of 840 for a reason, and I don’t need “forbearance.” But I can’t help thinking that the biggest fools in this whole thing are those of us who are responsible and don’t need handouts. What a bunch of chumps we are.

A New Low In Trading Decisions

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It’s honestly breathtaking how dumb a person with some extra cash and a trading account can be. Allow me to illustrate.

One of the few stocks that has been thriving through the entirety of this crisis has been Zoom Telecommunications (ticker symbol ZM). Since everyone is trapped at home and doing video conferences, Zoom’s service has been getting a tremendous amount of use and attention. Their stock chart, naturally, has the hallmarks of a successful bullish play: strong prices accompanied with surging volume.

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