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There Goes Your Ride

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You have been poisoned. Your mind has been sickened by those who are telling you we are at the start of a bull market that’s going to last for years to come. They produce stupid videos clumsily trying to compare where the market is at now with where it was in 2009. Insane, idiotic, and baseless. A sample set of one does not a future make.

No one has a vested interest in the market going down. That is why they lie to you nonstop. That is why JP Morgan just said we were going to 3900 on the S&P. Because they are liars, and they are trying to trick you.

Yes, there is a future, and it is death. Because there can be no resurrection without dying first. And what you are seeing now is a corpse being made to twitch and move through electrical pulses. It is a mirage. An illusion. A falsehood.

complete failure of S&P basing pattern