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The charts I create are deliberately simple. This stands in sharp contrast to the charts of other technicians – – including some who post here – – which are covered with all manner of dazzling indicators, colors, and “rules”. I suppose some people are dazzled with complicated charts. I personally find them to be messy and useless, which is why I stick to my very simple lines and minimalism. It’s all my limited cranial capacity can handle.

All the same, it is during months like this that I appreciate the soft-spoken simplicity of my little charts and their markups, because I believe they have been an effective map in navigating such treacherous waters. My premium members are all too acquainted with my MICE graph which, in spite of my declaration that it’s the Most Important Chart Ever, is about the simplest drawing imaginable. (more…)

Twice as Nice

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I recognize all too well the hazards of making any market commentary at nighttime. I am typing this on Monday evening, alone in my home with the exception of all my animals, and the ES and NQ are down nicely, both double digits. However, we had precisely the same situation Sunday evening, and thanks to the Chinese National Team (part of the global cabal that’s created this completely FAKE bull market since 2009), it was Green Green Green by Monday morning. (I still made plenty of money on my shorts Monday, so, screw you, Chinese bureaucratic scumbags).

Anyway, it’s best not to get too excited about the GLOBEX markets. I would, however, like to say one thing about what we’ve experienced during this absolutely marvelous month:


Achieving the Impossible

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From time to time, I mention a disease I have that doesn’t seem to affect most people. It’s called “Blogger’s Guilt”. I feel an insatiable need to create content and tools for you.

Most other sites – – and I could name them, but some of them are ostensibly my friends, so I won’t – –¬† get away with maybe three posts a week and no tools at all. I, on the other hand:

  • Generate about 100 posts a week;
  • Have given you the greatest comments system in existence;
  • Have built the best charting platform on the web

And yet still I drive myself to do more. Every day. Even weekends. Into the night.

Having offered up an ungodly number of incredible ideas¬†lately, I feel I am entitled to giving myself a two hour break. So I will do that. Because, as you can see below, it’s been a busy day.

If you want to share your gratitude, feel free to subscribe to a premium membership or sign up for the CMLViz TradeMachine Pro.

Share the love. I give it daily. I hope you feel it. Send it back my way.

Red Sky in the Morning

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I get very, very nervous when things are going too well. There are times when every day is good, one after the other, and I keep waiting for something Really Truly Awful to happen. I guess I believe too much in balance. Of course, if “balance” is really true, then the bulls are in for years of unending agony, with me leering the entire time, so I’m not sure I should fear balance as much as I do. Nature’s lessons deserve respect.

All the same, we need to take things one moment at a time without overthinking the future. And, as of this moment, I couldn’t ask for a better greeting.


Damaged in Transit

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It definitely is feeling like a stock picker’s market again, and that’s a very good feeling. I’ve been nicely profitable all day, in spite of the completely-for-no-reason countertrend rally. My short picks are defying the fake, phony, fraudulent bull market gasps.

One particular victory is Packaging Corporation of America, which has been getting firebombed the last two days. I’m holding my position.


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