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Told-Ya-So of the Year

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How many times did I mention this target for the S&P 500 index? Five thousand times? Seven thousand? More? In any case……..I think we can all agreed…………NAILED IT: Like OH MY GOD nailed it:

My next Nostradamus-level prediction? Simple: the next time we challenge this line, it isn’t going to hold anymore. The spring on this swinging door is worn out, folks. This was its last meaningful stand.

Monday Lovin’

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I was terrified that today would be a financial apocalypse. Instead, I’ve made a TON of profits, and I’ve also trimmed back to 17.7% cash so I feel less exposed. Those lying fuckers like Yellen (may death visit her soon – – – make it slow and lingering! cannot be trusted, and I am grateful to G.T.F.O. of some of my more aggressive positions and have cash. I honestly never, ever, EVER expected to be greeting pre-open with this glorious sea of red: