Bernanke Puts

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If there were puts being sold on Ben Bernanke's reputation, this would be a good time to buy them. Because just as there was a time that G.W. Bush was incredibly popular, just after 9/11, those 90%+ ratings marked a top that was ground down to almost nothing:


Now we have a situation where the words "Bernanke" and "saved the world" are put put side-by-side.

There are a couple of things that I simply know are true: (1) the market is ultimately going to be a lot lower (2) there will come a time that the stories below will be laughed at for their absurdity.

But in these times that we live – – times so bizarre that everything Ned predicted has materialized (yes, we have entered the looking glass, people) – – Bernanke is being held up as the real Messiah.