Discussing DISQUS

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Today I was in San Francisco, and I spent part of the day with Daniel Ha, the co-founder of Disqus (which we use here on Slope as the comments system).

I've always liked Disqus, and it's been on Slope since the earliest days. I wanted to mention a couple of important things to Slopers:

  1. Many of you have noticed recently that your comments have been disappearing. Some people have wondered if they were getting "moderated", and others thought they were victims of some kind of conspiracy. Daniel and I diagnosed this together and discovered that their new, improved, anti-spam system is wayyyyyyyyyyy overdoing it and labeling many innocent comments as "spam." I just about had a heart attack when I saw the huge list of totally legitimate comments that had been thrown into the spam bucket. He got in touch with his engineers immediately to fix this. But if you continue seeing things vanish, please know it's nothing you (or I) are doing wrong.
  2. Now something more positive………they are rolling out a new system late this week, and it's got some great new features. The one I loved the most was that the comments auto-update, which means that, before your very eyes, you can see new comments scrolling in your browser as they are submitted. It is OMGPONIES cool, and I think you're going to go nuts when you see it.

I'll close by saying the snark-level in emails and on the web has reached "Australian Voicemail" levels, which I actually think is great. Yay, snark!