Pet Peeve #3,829

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I use FedEx from time to time. Surely this is a site used by millions of people every day.

So why……..tell me, why?…… they insist in presenting the dropdown of countries in alphabetical order? Wouldn't one assume that, say, 90%+ of all usage is in the United States? Why not put, say, the top five most used countries at the top, put in a dividing line, and then oh-so-democratically show the list of all countries in order?

So what's the easiest-to-access choice right now? Freakin' AFGHANISTAN! Yep, I'm sure there are lots of packages leaving Afghanistan. When your ammunition absolutely, positively has to be there overnight.

FedEx isn't alone in this idiocy, by the way. A lot of web sites that call for an address to be entered have the same logic.

And this, my friends, is why ProphetCharts is so great. Because I'm an absolute bitch until things are the way I want them to be.