Android’s Surge

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When the iPhone first came out in 2007, I bought two of them. I think it's a terrific product, and I've been a loyal iPhone user for the past four years (in spite of namby-pamby Palo Alto residents being too scared of cell phone antennas to give decent coverage in this town).

There is a very surprising trend happening, however, as the graph below indicates. Simply stated:

(a) RIM is withering away……which kind of makes sense, since I've always considered Blackberries to be pretty lame;

(b) Google's Android is absolutely surging;

(c) Apple is dead-flat.


Perhaps this is why AAPL is starting to weaken. It broke its ascending trendline last month (magenta circle), recovered to the "kiss of death" just beneath the same trendline (green circle), and has been pretty much falling ever since. Apple has basically been incapable of having any bad news for the past eight years. That had to end sometime.