Aero Goes Postal

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My best-performing short today was Aeropostale (ARO), which I've been building a position in for a little while now. It's down over 15% today, and although I've covered the position for the moment, I'd be very interested in re-shorting this on any bounceback. I think that, over the long term, it's going to head closer and closer to $zero.


SPECIAL NOTE – Sometimes I complain that there's not much in the hopper. This is currently not the case. There are probably ten posts waiting in the wings, and more to come. They are going to get increasingly stale, but unfortunately, I'm quite busy this afternoon, so you could be stuck with this post for a bit. When I do manage to issue new posts, I probably won't be able to say NEW POST, so you'll have to rely on your wits (and other Slopers) to figure it out. Be strong.