Final Slopefest Update (Market Sniper)

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Well, folks, the time draws near for our get together! I do have some disappointing news, however. Our gracious host and the cause of all of this, Mr. Tim Knight, will not be joining us, sadly. Family obligations have cropped up beyond his control. As we know, family ALWAYS comes first.

He will be with us in spirit if not in corporeal form. He has made a rather nice gesture in apology. There will be autographed copies of his book for the lucky slopers who show up before the stack of books runs out! Tim wishes to express his regrets for this last minute change and made me promise not to hunt him down like a wounded goat! 

I will be arriving late Thursday afternoon, early evening. Be glad to meet with anyone at The Deuces Lounge on Thursday evening. here is a link to The Deuces Lounge.

Here is a map of the places, times and activities we have planned.

Thank you, vittorio (who has already caught a freight car to Vegas as we speak) for your work on that!

We should also be looking forward to meeting the mysterious Mr. K who helped me put this together. He has done almost all of the leg work! Thank you, Mr. K!

We should have Mr. Butch Headding and his lovely wife Phyllis from John Person's organization with us as well! And, if time permits, Mr. John Person himself!

I look forward to seeing all of you there and I can guarantee you, one and all, we will have a great time!

Yours in the pursuit of that trading edge (and edges in casinos as well!), Market Sniper