The U.S. – a Class Act

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Shortly after I heard about the wonderful news about OBL's death, I wondered to myself – what do they plan to do with the body? Would they put it on display? Return it to the lovely bin Laden family? Or perhaps treat it as they treated pirate's bodies in the days of Olde Englande? (See image below)

They did none of these things. The United States actually gave the man a dignified burial at sea, complete with prayers officiated by an Islamic cleric. I think we can all agree that (a) it was far, far better than than mass murdering lunatic deserved (b) it demonstrated the class of the United States.

Surely I needn't remind you of the barbaric way that the Iraqis hunged the charred stumps of the bodies of US soldiers on a bridge. I daresay that if President Obama had been captured by one of the terrorist-infested nations, he would not have been given the kind of lofty dignity that we proferred good ol' OBL.

I'm proud that the United States behaved with dignity and decorum. It illustrates – yet again – the kind of people we're capable of being. It stands in sharp contrast to bin Laden's cowardly death, in which he actually used a woman's body as a human shield. What a disgusting wretch of a human. I'm glad he's dead.