Comtel Gap-Fill

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Hi Slopers,

Sorry to have been so out-of-pocket today. There were a couple of reasons for this.

First, I was very occupied all afternoon with a cool project I'm doing. That gobbled up my usual "free time."

Second – and far more important – I had network troubles all day long. I actually pay for two broadband service providers, Comcast and AT&T, since having connectivity is so important to me. Well, Comcast was pretty much dead in the water, and AT&T isn't exactly the greatest service. For instance, you can't send email. No, I'm not making this up. 

In any case, if you ever want to see me really high-strung, stressed-out, and nervous, take away my Internet during trading hours. It's not a pretty sight. Luckily, my portfolio was very light, and I was relatively happy watching the market puke higher without my companionship.

I feel bad not contributing much to the blog today, so before I sign off for the night, I wanted to offer up one trading idea. That is, a short on Comtel with a pretty tight stop at 26.68. This is a gap-fill trade. It's not perfect, but I'd give it a B+.


Provided the geniuses at Comcast have their service working tomorrow, I should be in better shape. With the big FOMC announcement and the press conference following, I'll want to be on top of things.

Anyway, thanks for your patience with me, and good night to you all.