POTW: The YMCA Dance

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Most of you have probably had the uncomfortable experience of being asked to participate in the YMCA dance. You know the one, right? It's the "dance" in which the ancient song "YMCA" by the Village People is played, and people all jump around, trying to form the individual letters as they are sung by the group.

I suppose it's popular because it's really easy to do – – even four year old kids do a respectable job of forming the letters (and – hey – maybe for them it's even educational). But I would think for most adults – certainly most Slopers – the entire thing is embarassing. And, beyond that, the repetition of the song gets old really fast. To say nothing of the fact that, unbeknowst to a lot of the people hopping around forming letters, the entire premise of the song is picking up strangers for casual sex. No thanks. I'll just order another drink.