Full Of It

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Have you ordered my new book yet, the Slope of Hope Bathroom Reader? You haven't? Why not?!? It's only $14.95! It's worth at least $15.95!

Perhaps you've hestiated since you weren't sure what was inside. Below is the table of contents; order it and seal your fate. It is your destiny.

My Lame Superpowers
Personal Credos – a partial list
Division of Labor
The Beautiful South
Tim Knight – Idiot Savant
The Spoiled Brats at Google
Credit Card Digits
Does Anyone Work Anymore?
I Knead to Trade
American Materialism
Good and Evil
Color and Mania in the Valley
Finding Your Trading Style
Happy Birthday, Slope!
I Have a Dream Too
Markets and Rationality
Another Superpower – backs of heads
Moral Hazard Comes Home to Roost
Psych Flux
Saying No to Google
Some Brutal Honesty
Why So Many Positions
The Trouble with Honesty
The True Middle-Class
Lulu Bag Tripe
The United States Wimperment
Trading Rules from the Marines
What Have We Learned?
What Money Cannot Buy
Christmas Specials Redux
The Rich Tax
From the Outside Looking In
A Tribute to Prophet’s Genius
The Looming Something
A Trader Ends His Life
There Is No Holy Grail