POTW: Thump Thump Music

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The Peeve Of The Week (POTW) is an occasional feature on Slope which allows me to (a) gripe about something which bugs me, whether justified or not (b) put up a post when there's nothing in particular I want to say about the market. In spite of its moniker, the POTW may or may not shown up weekly. In any event, here's a new entry:

Music is a great passion of mine, and I realize there are many musical tastes out there. I have no right to judge what is enjoyable for other people, but one huge peeve of mine is when someone driving near me is playing their godawful thump-thump-thump music so that everyone within a hundred-foot radius can feel it pulsing through their bones.

This goes beyond mere annoyance; I immediately tense us and want to be as far away from the sound as possible. I don't go assaulting strangers with Gilbert & Sullivan or David Byrne when I'm driving around. I don't see why they should trouble me with their rap (or whatever it is) that's making their woofers throb and groan with the mindless, empty beat. It seems vapid, violent, and hostile. Me no likee.