Five Shorts Staring at the Beat Of The Bull Drums (by Ryan Mallory)

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If you were unable to get in on the market's move either in the premarket or right at the open (which seemed at that time a fairly risky maneuver to me), then you've probably been on the sidelines, waiting for the market to make a move.

It also goes without saying, that we are stairing at one overbought market as it has managed in about 3.5 days to rally over 100 points. The upside looks limited at this point without a descent pullback, and I, for one, am not going to start buying this market at these levels.

With that said I've put together five short setups that look pretty darn good, and if we see this market head lower in the days to come, these stocks should lead the way downward.


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SHORT: Pioneer Natural Resources Co (PXD)

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SHORT: Sara Lee Corp (SLE)

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