Europe: Just Give Up, You Ninnies

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When will I stop being scared of these ass-clowns?

Last week, the big, bad Euro-saviors, incarnated as Blubber-Butt Merkel and Big-Nose Sarkozy, "saved" Europe the 17th time with a trllion-dollar bailout fund. The green below shows how much of an impact was made, and how long it lasted.


When will we learn? When will I learn? Everything they do will fail. Everything that Benjamin (Shh! Shalom! Stay politically correct and don't mention you-know-what!) Bernanke is going to do will fail. They are painted into a corner and, temporary bursts higher aside, are going to have to face reality sooner or later.

I'm glad I don't have a single long position. 70 shorts, and ready for a new day.