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I have started the task of going through the nearly 5,000 emails I've received over the years from readers. I have my reasons for doing so, but that's not the point of this post.

The vast majority of folks who read this blog are lurkers, and I can understand that. Some feel they have nothing to add; some feel a little intimated by other traders; some just don't want to bother. I am a passive reader of many sites myself. I go to Reddit.com several times a day every day of the year, and I've never done so much as log in.

But a tiny percentage of people do participate actively in comments, and a few folks write me. And, as I said, that tiny percentage has yielded many thousands of emails, some of them quite lengthy.

I must say, having gone through about 25% of them so far, I am impressed at how virtually everyone who writes is good-natured, intelligent, and friendly. One might expect someone like myself to be the target of a lot of nasty missives, but the fact is that not even 1% of the emails I've ever received are anything but grateful, helpful, and kind. A sensitive fellow like me appreciates that, particularly.

I also noted with some amusement that most of the really nasty emails came in at major market tops. One of the most brutal was sent to me in July 2007, when the S&P was at about 1560. He had a web site where the participants got their rocks off by saying how stupid and inept I was (this was not the first web site to make me a target of mockery, and obviously it wasn't the last). Boy, that guy thought I was a moron to believe a bear market was coming. I wonder what happened to him.

In any case, it is heartening to see that on an almost entirely-anonymous web, where nastiness, lies, and innuendo can be so easily spread, that all the communications I receive are, almost without exception, really friendly and heart-felt. Thank you.