On the Eve of Options Expiration…..

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I am always amazed how large the opportunity to “make it big” factors into the great magnetism of the market. The belief that anyone, from any background can be successful and make tons of money has quite the allure. But, in all of this euphoria people neglect to think about all of those that failed before them. And believe me the failure rate is high. Yet, investors/traders continue to choose the most difficult of investments to trade – stocks. Stock-only traders are at a complete disadvantage because they have no way to trade the randomness of the market. They have a 50/50 chance of success for each and every trade.

Bottom line – stock investors/traders are truly at a disadvantage.

Again, stock investors only have two ways to make a profit: buy a stock or short a stock. And most retail investors are not willing to short a stock, so basically they are only able to profit in one direction – up.

Another characteristic that stocks have is that they don’t have an expiration date like options. I know some of you are probably rolling your eyes right now. How could something that expires be more attractive than something that can be held to perpetuity?

Well, we all know about the marriage that many of us have for our beloved stock positions. A plan to end the investment/trade often doesn’t exist because the stock goes up and you hold it and then it goes down and you hold it even longer and if it continues to go down you hold it for that much longer hoping that your position will eventually come back to break-even and even then most decide to exit the position.

Just think of all the missed opportunities. It drives me absolutely insane to think about it. Your capital could have been used for so many other opportunities. Also, an expiration date forces options traders to truly think about the risk/reward of each and every investment /trade. Furthermore, it forces the options trader to think about the future in greater detail.

Remember, when you buy a stock, you have the entire amount of your capital at risk and more importantly you have dedicated a large portion of capital to the trade. With certain option strategies you could have a tenth of the capital tied up with the same risk.

Of course, there will always be the foolish guy who has dedicated as much on one options position as they would in a stock position., They don’t understand the importance of position-sizing. And position-sizing is THE key to being successful trading – PERIOD.

A basic rule that I like to use is that if I become too emotional about a losing trade then I have too big of a position on.

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