SPY Guessing Contest-A Reminder! (by Market Sniper)

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Just a quick reminder of the SPY Guessing Contest! Closing soon! Here is the recap of contest and prizes!

SPY Guessing Contest!

As has become the tradition there is another SPY Guessing Contest with even better prizes!

Rules: Open to all regardless if you are a lurker, a regular/irregular poster, plan to attend slopefest/do not plan to attend slopefest. The closest to the SPY ETF closing price on Friday, May 11, 2012 shall be the winner. You can be right on the final price, under it or over it. Closest wins! In the unlikely event of a tie, the person who has submitted their “guesstimate” the earliest will be declared the winner. So, get your “guesstimate” in early! Contest cut-off for submission of entries shall be midnight EST, January 16, 2012. 

Prizes1st Place: 1/10th ounce Krugerrand gold coin (yes, they do mint those!). 2nd Place: two (2) 1 ounce Silver Eagles minted by the United States. 3rd Place: a nice, crisp, selection of Wiemar German Notgeld Notes. For those of you unfamiliar with just what those are:  http://www.notgeld.com/ So, send in your SPY “guesstimates” to: slopefest4@gmail.com !! If for some reason, the link does not work, just copy and paste. We had a problem with that on the last post!

PS..For those few who do not know it, my new site, devoted to the swing trader, is up and ready for your consideration. Meant to be a resource for visitors as well as subscribers. Take a look! http://www.masterswingtraders.com/