Making Slope Better

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0319-logoMarch 29 will mark the 7th birthday of the Slope of Hope, and as I've suggested a few times since the beginning of 2012, there are some exciting changes coming to the blog in a couple of months.

In the midst of working on those improvements, I wanted to ask you directly what are some of the things which you'd like to see here. Some ideas to get you thinking:

+ Are there some instructional/educational videos you'd like me to make and have available on the site?

+ Are there certain features in the comment system/community you wish existed?

+ What are some tools or features that would make Slope more useful to you as a trader?

You don't even necessarily have to offer up an idea of your own – – at least read the ideas below in the comments section, and if you see an idea that you agree would be a positive, please click the Like button to vote for it. This way, I can easily see from the comments stream which ideas are most appealing to Slopers.

Thanks for your help and opinions! I really appreciate them.