3 Longs and a Little Short (by Ryan Mallory)

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You have Apple (AAPL) finally giving out a dividend, and the market is rather muted today. Most of the charts I'm looking at, I'd say 2/3's of them are completely parabolic. When you have that, it makes it very hard to find any descent setups, either long or short. Nonetheless, I still found some charts that I really liked and in particular Ford (F) once it decides to break out. 

LONG: Ford (F)

7ec5e03dc848067823ec8e1c.png (600×625)

 LONG: Sprint (S)

 34636fd46fc97a97079b9b02.png (600×625)

LONG: Broadcom (BRCM)

095c61b426204225d2495667.png (600×625)

SHORT: Express Scripts (ESRX)

b7cfa260c8da6ff8063ca05e.png (600×625)

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