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This Remains a Very Weird Chart

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Sorry to obsess over Chipotle – – I don't even trade this thing – – but I've got to say, this has got to be one of the strangest charts I've seen. CMG keeps entering what is an incredibly "steady state", particularly lately. This chain of overpriced burrito joints must truly be seen as a risk-free, permanently-growing outfit.

It joins PriceLine and Autozone in the "Tim Has No Idea Why This Stock Keeps Going Up Forever" club.


An Apple a Day Keeps the Bears Away

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Or whatever.  The stock market keeps grinding higher and everyone hates this market. The bears hate it because it is grinding them to dust. Bulls hate it because they are under invested and would like to go back and invest more. Brokers hate it because there is no action. We are all calling a top for months now and yet nobody has seen a top.

Now that DOW has closed over 13000 and SPX over 1370, do we throw away all the rules of TA, cycle analysis and just believe in the powers of Central Bankers? Buy the F**king dip?  I am no bear and I have no problem joining the buy program only if I could convince myself that this time is different. That all the divergences do not matter!  That this time is truly different!  The path of least resistance is up-ward. So the next we hear is DOW 13500 and SPX 1400.