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Potential Head & Shoulders Forming on Amazon

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Amazon (AMZN) is forming a potential bearish head and shoulders pattern, as shown on the following weekly chart.

We’ll see whether it plays out, in view of their decision today (Thursday) to abandon their project to build their second headquarters in Long Island, Queens…at a loss of 25,000 job for New York. Their statement is here and it describes the political opposition it received.

Keep an eye on the momentum (MOM), rate-of-change (ROC), and average true range (ATR) indicators for direction and velocity purposes going forward. I’ve shown their input value as one period to illustrate that more clearly. (more…)

An Ideological Path To A Liquidity Crisis In U.S. Markets

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Look out, corporate and middle America!

There’s a new economic and capitalism threat occupying your (Congressional) House…namely, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who has been busy sucking all the oxygen out of Democrats’ House with the unveiling of her socialism-on-steroids “Green New Deal” this past week. As 2020 Democrats jump on board with her plan, Democratic House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi sarcastically referred to it as the “Green Dream.”

If you want to create a liquidity crisis in U.S. equity markets, then go ahead…adopt and enact the ideological measures put forth in that deal/bill. If you want to create an economic crisis, in America, as well as the rest of the world, then go ahead…adopt and enact the ideological measures put forth in that deal/bill. Foreign and domestic investment in the U.S. will disappear. (more…)

Star-Studded FAANGs

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I last wrote about the FAANGs and FNGU and what I was monitoring in my post of November 4, 2018.

2018 was the year we saw the FAANGs form bearish shooting starsEach candle on the following charts of FBAMZNAAPLNFLX and GOOG represents a period of one year (absent on these charts is 2019’s candle, as I’ve left it off to illustrate last year’s weakness and volatility compared with prior years in these stocks).

You can see, at a glance, that FB is the weakest of the five, as it has erased almost all of its 2017 gains, as well as its gains last year.


2018 Market Wrap-Up: Extreme Volatility

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The following charts depict 2018 market action in the S&P 500 Index (SPX), as well as the MSCI World Index. One word describes 2018 marketsvolatile.

Volatility was extreme, as uncertainty gripped, not only U.S. markets, but markets world-wide, as well, as I had posited in my 2018 Market Forecast at the end of 2017. I believe it will continue to apply in 2019, and we’ll see a world market slowdown, as I described in my 2019 Market Forecast.


US Real Estate Sector Nosedive

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Note from Tim: I realize today’s an all-green day, but I wanted to share this post from SB in any event, since the big picture hasn’t changed.

Further to my post of December 17, the percentage of S&P Real Estate stocks above their 200-day moving average has dropped below 50% to 37.5% (as of Friday’s close), as shown on the following graphic. At 50% on that date, it was the “last man standing,” apart from Utilities.

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