Canada’s Business News Network

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A reader asked if I would do a post recommending Canadian on-line links to the world's financial markets.

Here's my take (as a Canadian)…

During my trading day I have my TV tuned to BNN (Business News Network). It's Canada's only television service devoted exclusively to business, finance, and the markets. Their commentators are very professional, extremely knowledgeable in all world and financial affairs, and deliver unbiased information.

For those whose TV providers do not transmit this program, you may receive information from their above web link. There, you will find links to their bloggers, as well as to their latest services ~ mobile real-time TV (for smartphones and tablets), live video stream (an inexpensive subscription to live, high-speed video stream), and Twitter.

You will be continually updated throughout the day (with repeat segments in the evening in case you missed them earlier in the day), not just on Canadian content/issues, but also on world issues (there is a heavy emphasis on their reporting of world issues as they unfold…and without delay, I would add).

Their network and commentators are second to none…trust me! I also find their guests very interesting and knowledgeable (they range from traders, to fund managers, analysts/researchers, current/former politicians, current/former banking officials, current/former world leaders, large/small business CEOs, etc.).

BNN has my full endorsement. You will find the link to their website along the right side of my Blog under Sites I Visit. By the way, I'm not affiliated with BNN in any way.

I hope this was useful in your pursuit of knowledge.