Surrender to the Facts………………….(by BDI)

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Surrender to the Facts

Please take a moment to carefully review the mind jarring tables above. Perhaps the staggering number of casualties inflicted in what was by far the most brutal military conflict in modern history, will make you better appreciate why I may seem a bit defensive when it comes to all the white flag waving jokes about the French on SOH. 

The peace treaty that finally ended the Great War was signed in France, inside a rail car at Versailles for a reason, and the French certainly have enough dead men, spilled blood, and battle scares to prove that they fought tooth and nail to defend their Nation.  

Your magnificent magnanimous fighting contributions in WWI & II were clearly essential in turning the tide in both these horrific wars, although much more so in WWII.  However, let us not forget that you entered the greatest of these world wide conflicts understandably very reluctantly, were quite late to the battle front, and only joined the fight after the allied forces had already lost millions of men valiantly & honorably fighting for the countries they loved.  

So let's do each other a favor, and treat ALL the men that selflessly served with great honor, especially those that gave the ultimate sacrifice of their lives to these tragic human conflicts, with the respect & dignity they ALL so richly deserve.