The Latest SocialTrade Tweaks

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I have been delighted to witness the growing popularity of my new web site, SocialTrade. It’s apparent from the usage figures that people are making it a daily habit. Since I can’t leave well enough alone, I keep adding little features to it.

One is very small, but to a hung-up sort like me, it matters – the buttons are nice ‘n’ tidy now:


You may also notice a new button in there – Flag – which I had put it based on the suggestion of a SocialTrader earlier today. Although it really hasn’t happened yet, if anyone puts anything inappropriate or obnoxious in the site, I’d like all the administrators to know about it. Thus, all SocialTraders now have a way to flag potentially-improper items.


Most importantly, you now have a way to keep an eye on all your reminders at a glance. There’s a new item in the Organize Menu – Reminders – that lead you to a summary page.


Upon choosing it, you will be presented with the handy list of all the reminders you’ve created for the various pages stacked in SocialTrade: