The Market Cleans Up Well

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In one pair of images you can see what this market has become.

Behold Lisa Falcone, attention-craving wive of billionaire fund manager Philip Falcone (who himself is the occasional target of our friends at ZH).

On the left you see, metaphorically speaking, the asset markets of the world – – – propped up, made-up, dolled-up, and painstakingly crafted to look attractive.

On the right you see reality.

It is my mission to help you see reality, painful as it may be for us both. It would be far easier for me to simply point to the pretty girl, like 99.9% of the rest of the world, and doing so would certainly spare me the ceaseless bullshit of childish, churlish pinheads scattered around the world. But I'd rather be authentic.

Go ahead and give the market a deep tongue-kiss. Just keep your eyes shut.