Scenes from an Afternoon

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Yesterday, I was at a grocery store – – one I don't normally go to, and one which sells popular magazines. I almost never see magazine covers these days, so perhaps I'm simply out of synch with popular culture, but I gather that men grinning like idiots with their mouths gaping open is considered profoundly appealing. I offer this evidence:


I would also mention, regarding the boy band on the right, that I've never heard of "One Direction", but someone sympathetic to their future might want to mention to them (whoever they are) to dismiss any dreams they have of being the next Beatles and instead refer to the experience of the past 3,892 boy bands and make sure to save every single penny they earn. They're going to need it later.

I also made a pilgramage to the new Apple store in Palo Alto.


The above shows the glamorous facade. The roof and frontage are almost entirely glass. I couldn't help but think how much Windex they're going to have to use to keep it decent-looking:


Oh, and just to mess with my head, a bus passed by my car. My peripheral vision compelled me to do a double-take. It took me a couple of moments to realize the (truncated) word was "Peninsula." Well, that explains it.


I'm glad the market is back so I can stay out of trouble from now on.