The Jump

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Those of you even a little familiar with me know that I don't get my jollies sitting in front of a television and whooping for whatever I am seeing (like, say, football, basketball, bass fishing, or anything else). But when it comes to anything to do with space exploration, I get interested.

Although I recognized the whole Felix jump thing as a fantastic marketing push by Red Bull, I still thought it was an awfully cool idea. Last week, I watched the first attempt, but that got nixed due to weather conditions. The second one did too. I figured people would lose interest.

But on Sunday morning, I saw he was having a third go at it, and I gathered the family together to watch the entire thing live. I can't remember being so excited and spellbound by anything I've seen on television (except, on the very opposite end of the emotional scale, for 9/11). The little "best of" clip below doesn't even come close to approaching the thrill of seeing things happen in real time, but it does a nice job of showing some highlights. When he stepped off the platform, it took my breath away; and seeing him spin wildly in a free-fall, only to right himself into a Superman pose and get stable, I couldn't help but burst into applause.

There's no actionable trade idea here, people. It was just really, really awesome.