“Unbalanced” Trade Balance in France and Britain (by SB)

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Data released
today shows that Trade Balance in France and Britain is
rather "unbalanced," as France also grapples with an ever-increasing Budget
deficit, as shown on the graphs below. Trade Balance for both countries is well
below the levels of 2007-08-09.

At some point, European stock markets
will recognize and reflect these numbers, in spite of what the ECB's promise (to
provide financial aid through the ESM program) is attempting to accomplish. I
seriously doubt that such a plan, without an immediate enaction of supportive
fiscal, banking and economic reforms, will be sufficient to prop up sagging
European growth in the near-term. At some point, economic fundamentals will
matter to the markets, lest further layers become built on to an
already-shaky "house of cards" foundation.



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