New Year Travels

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Hearty greetings to you, Slopers, and welcome to the new year!

Most of you know that I rarely travel, but when I do, I naturally cannot be the ridiculously-engaged and supremely-active blogmaster that I usually am.

I will be on the road all during the first week of the year, and things won't really be back to normal for me until Tuesday the 8th. Until that time, I'll try to keep things moving along, and I'd like to make an extra-special, extra-humble request to the contributing editors out there for lots of content during this first week, as I won't be as prolific as normal!

Thanks for your understanding, and again, welcome to 2013. I hope it's one for the history books. (Oh, and if you're super-bored not having a post, feel free to peruse SocialTrade!)