Memo to the Internet

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The snoozefest in the market today is reflected in traffic on Slope, which is down 15% from yesterday (yes, I follow Slope's traffic with as much interest as I do any other charts). Averaging out the IWM, SPY, and QQQ, the market was unchanged today – a complete bore. Maybe Friday morning's jobs report will add some vim and vigor.

In the absence of anything market-ish to discuss, I'll fall back on my inner Andy Rooney and gripe about something that's on my mind from time to time. ("Ya ever wonder………?") The item in question is a dropdown menu found on many forms. It is the field for the Country of your address, and it almost always looks like this:


So………..Internet………….why in the name of my personal Lord and savior Jesus H. Christ do you choose to put up ALL the nations of the world in ALPHABETICAL ORDER?

Wouldn't it make about 500 times more sense to put them in order of popularity/commonality?!?!?! I mean, call me crazy, but I've got a hunch that, say, the United States – just to grab a name out of a hat – – probably has a few more customers than, oh, let's say – freakin' Afghanistan. Perhaps Amazon has robust sales for kicky cave decorations or books such as Rubble For Fun and Profit, but all things considered, you are wasting the time of a lot of people, and pissing them off to boot.

When I was building Prophet, my entire basis for decisions was to piss and moan until things were exactly like I wanted them to be. I'm a complete brat when it comes to products, and I think this is why ProphetCharts – which was abandoned for any new improvements five years ago – is still the best charting product on the web.

I mean, Good God, look at the countries that are easily accessible – – Azerbaijan – – and…….ANTARCTICA?!?!

The public Internet is over two decades old. It's voting age. There is no reason or excuse, after this enormous amount of time, that common-sense improvements like this shouldn't be universal. And the above wasn't captured from some obscure web site. It's from Paypal. And if they're worried about pissing off the good people of Afghanistan, with all due respect to a country whose food I enjoy and whose scenic vistas I admire – – – sorry, but in the case of dropdown menus, the U.S. really should come first.