A Look into Eclectica Asset Management

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Over the weekend I had the opportunity to do some hedge fund research
on Bloomberg. I was surprised to see Jim Chanos's fund do rather poor
over the 10 year period. More surprising was that the noted short seller
whom I deeply respect, had a negative return even in 2008. Anyways as I
looked into Hugh Hendry's fund, he has had a 300%+ return over the
years which is remarkable for a fund with so much in assets. What was
most interesting though is that most of his positions consisted of
strong technicals on long term ranges. 

As of now, his main holdings consist of :


1. Mosaic weekly bullish/ daily short term resistance in bull channel.


2. Monsanto strong weekly support


3. Potash showing signs of weakness on trendline  break. However on horizontal support


4. CF Industries stalling at resistance.


5. Church & Dwight strong long term channel


6.  The Hershey Co= strong weekly channel as well


7. Mead Johnson Nutrition = Channel


8. General Mills Inc strong channel rallying into resistance.


9. Proctor and Gamble new all time high


10. Lorillard Inc just recently tested support.


must have a very good chartist at his office with these types of stock
picks. Either that or his fundamental analysis is superb…..however I
am going to go with the chartist. 

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