Dell’s Long Fall from Grace

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I read that Dell is wrapping up plans to go private at something like $13.50 per share. It's stunning to me that Michael Dell is worth about $16 billion, considering Dell's market cap isn't much higher than that. I can assume that Mr. Dell (very wisely) dumped stock into public hands in exchange for cash long ago when it was trading much, much higher, thus yielding the giant net worth.

The amazing thing is that DELL crossed its "buyout price" back in February 1998 (for perspective, Mark Zuckerberg was thirteen years old and probaby just sporting his first pimple at that time). It was, in the late 1990s, and ungodly amazing stock, soaring to nearly $60. But, similar to the Nikkei 225, it pretty much is down 75% and hasn't looked back.


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