Midnight Rockers

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Just to wrap up the day, I thought I'd share three stocks that are doing interesting things after-hours.

First is Verisign, in which I have a small short position. It looks like it's going to finally close its gap up nice 'n' tidy, and I'll probably add to my short at these higher levels (it's up about 2.8% after hours).


Next is one of my larger shorts, Agilent, which is going to gap down very nicely. I might go ahead and cover this one to take my profits.


Last, and most interesting, is HerbaLife (in which I have no position at all, but which I've enjoyed profits from by way of shorts in the past). Carl "Hello??" Icahn ruined Bill Ackman's evening by announcing a huge stake in the company, and the stock is zooming higher. It's going to be tantalizing mashed up against that diamond pattern, so I might just hop in with Team Ackman again.


Good night, everyone; see you Friday, before the long President's Day weekend.