North Korean Dreams

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I've long held a morbid fascination with North Korea. I am partly sad, since the evil government of the DPRK suppresses virtually its entire citizenry in a world of torture, prisons, oppression, and starvation. Imagine what a powerhouse a united Korea would be, modeled after Seoul. Samsung would be kicking our ass even farther across the field.

But I am also partly amused at how unwittingly comic their feckless propaganda can be. Their leadership is so brainwashed that it actually believes the fairy-tale they've concocted for themselves, and their latest creation – – apparently created by a porn director from 1975, judging from the production values – – shows their dream of the future, which in a nutshell involves a really lame North Korean space shuttle orbiting a peaceful (and inexplicably cloudless) Earth, with the exception of the United States, which is engulfed in a post-nuclear firestorm. (You can jump to 2:00 in the video if you just want to see Manhattan in flames).

What a heaping slice of dork pie a la mode this is.

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