When Does Life Get Lush?

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FMLI pride myself on publishing a really cool little blog, as I've done for nearly eight years now. On occasion, I'll bow and scrape to my readers since I'll have some issue or obligation come up for a few hours which gets in the way of my usual firehose of content.

For three days running, though, I've been distracted and pulled away by a series of nettlesome and troubling issues of all types that have kept me way away from my blogging duties. I at least wanted to take a few minutes to let you know I'm still here I'm still alive and well, and the usual Slope will be back tomorrow morning, I hope.

Hey, to my credit, at least I did a post suggesting shorting CLF earlier today, and it's down something like 10% after hours. So you got your money's worth, at least!

See you Wednesday morning.