I Helped Wreck America, Now I am Here to Tout its Virtues

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Here’s the JPM guy that is at the heart of the problem cheer leading for Team America.

The United States is Still in an Extraordinarily Good Position

  • The United States has the world’s strongest military, and this will be the case for decades. We also are fortunate to be at peace with our neighbors and to have the protection of two great oceans. No Jamie, our neighbors are fortunate that we are at peace with them.
  • The U.S. has among the world’s best universities and hospitals.
  • The U.S. has a reliable rule of law and low corruption. Ha ha ha… did you actually write that last part Jamie?
  • The people of the United States have a great work ethic and “can do” attitude. Despite the roadblocks people of your ilk have erected.
  • Americans are among the most entrepreneurial and innovative people in the world – from those who work on the factory floors to the geniuses like Steve Jobs. Improving “things” and increasing productivity is an American pastime. And America still fosters an entrepreneurial culture where risk taking is allowed – accepting that it can result in success or failure. …and JPM sucks off of it like another Vampire Squid.
  • The United States is home to many of the best businesses on the planet – from small and middle sized to large global multinationals. Yes, I know. So what are you doing blabbing about it? What does it have to do with you?
  • The United States also has the widest, deepest, most transparent and best financial markets in the world. And I’m not talking about just Wall Street and banks – I include the whole mosaic: venture capital, private equity, asset managers, individual and corporate investors, and the public and private capital markets. Our financial markets have been an essential part of the great American business machine. Go eff yourself.

Now here is some real news courtesy of MarketWatch. One wonders what this guy is up to. He wouldn’t have the nerve to run for office, would he? We have not gone that far off course morally, have we?

J.P. Morgan spending on lobbying dwarfs rivals


“Overall, J.P. Morgan spent more than $8 million on lobbying in 2012.

Compare that to spending in the same year to its rivals:

Citigroup spent $5.52 million
Goldman Sachs spent $3.54 million
Morgan Stanley spent $3.35 million
Bank of America spent $2.95 million”