Three I’m Watching Like a Hawk

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A couple of days ago, I did a post for my Slope+ readers about buying XLU calls. I paid 80 cents for the calls, and now, two days later, they are trading at $1.60. I did not expect a 100% gain on these so swiftly, but suffice it to say I’m enamored of interest-rate sensitive items.


There are three ETFs I am watching very closely for gap closes. My motivation is twofold: first, I want to short the everloving bejesus out of them once the gaps are filled, and second, it’s going to be my signal to go balls-out shorting the equities in general. I’ve tinted the gaps, with MUB featuring two tints, since I’m not quite sure which of those two it’ll muster.

0626-hyg 0626-jnk 0626-mub

The end of the quarter is upon us, so that’s bound to weirdify the last couple of trading days this month. Hang in there, Slopers! I think it’s a new market we’ve got on our hands.